Compound logging instrument and software system of Snow-wolf series

Compound logging instrument of Snow-wolf model is an independently-developed compound logging instrument consisting of instrument shelter, collection system, gas chromatograph, data transmission, sensor, computer and software system, which could be applied for logging service at various oil and gas fields.

Technical characteristics of Compound logging instrument hardware of Snow-wolf Model-5

1. Instrument shelter is of pressurization and explosion proof functions as well as lightning protection;

2. Normal function at ambient temperature range of -40 - +60, being applicable for operation in desert, high-temperature and cold districts;

3. Chromatographic analysis cycles are 30 Sec. and 90 Sec. with switchover function;

4. Adapted to different power supply requirements: 380V, 440V, 480V, 50/60Hz;

5. Insulation protection for collection module with high precision, which guarantees effectively safety and stability of equipment;

6. Imported probe and sensor are selected for long service life;

7. Information communication between internal data of logging instrument and well site & base is implemented via. network.


Technical characteristics of Compound logging instrument software of Snow-wolf Model 2.0

1. Independently-developed software provides interfaces in Chinese and English;

3. SQL SERVER2005 database system management is adopted and applicable for format conversion among multiple databases;

4. General international standard WITS interface data format is provided, which expedites data exchange with third party ;

5. Data source interfaces such as MWD and LWD are reserved;

6. Network is provided for information exchange and data sharing among field LAN and site and engineering staff as well as geologicians;

7. Satellite or GPRS are employed to form remote network and implement real-time data teletransmission and release through network.

Design and construction of compound logging instrument of Snow-wolf Model-5 meet requirements of IEC-79-13 Standard, American Petroleum Institute (API) Code and SY/T5190-2007 Specifications of Petroleum Compound Logging on manufacturing of logging instrument. All explosion-proof and fire-protection device are accredited to DNV certification with explosion protection certification of Level-A0. The instrument is of excellent sealing performance, waterproof, wind/sand proofing and applicable for operation in ocean and desert areas.