Cased hole resistivity logger XCRL


Cased hole resistivity logger makes resistivity surveying possible in metal casing well, thus dynamic monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoir and monitoring of residual oil distribution are implemented effectively, as well as saturation evaluation of residual oil and identification of water flooded layer, which is significant to optimize oilfield exploitation, improve recovery factor and prolong oilfield exploitation life.

XCRL (Cased hole Resistivity Logging) system is a cased resistivity logger developed by the Company independently, and 1 patent for invention and 6 patents of utility model are obtained from National Administration of Intellectual Property Right.


Characteristics of logger

1. Flexible structure between electrodes make electrodes fulfill measurement even in irregular casing.

2. Particular electrode probe guarantees measurement possible without scraping casing wall, thermal cleaning or acid cleaning wells.

3. “Pneumatic pick” functional hydraulic system ensures that probe is tied closely to casing wall.

4. Strict logging quality monitoring secures quality of log information.


Technical indicators

Max. dia.: Φ95mm

Length: 7.6m

Body weight: 90kg

Limiting temperature:125

Applicable wellbore: Φ5~7single-ply casing

Supply current: 5-8A

Measuring range: 1-200Ω.m

Longitudinal resolution: 1.0m

Depth of investigation: 6m

Measurement error: ±10%