Water-content logging instrument of high resolution

High-frequency signals are measured with water hold up logging instrument of high resolution, therefore, water hold up parameters of overall layer as well as every layer of oil well liquid-yielding profile are obtained as reference for stabilizing oil, controlling water and improving efficiency of oil wells.


High-frequency water hold up surveying instrument is used to measure HF signal variation caused by fluid dielectric constant change, measuring range 0%-100%, which breaks the measuring range limit 0-60% of water hold up logging instrument with capacitance method.

Performance technical indicators

Measuring range: water hold up 0%~100% 

Precision:  1%

Length: 120cm

Outside diameter: 26mm, 32mm, 38mm

Max. operating temperature:    125

Max. working pressure:    60Mpa

Max. shock resistant:   12Kg

Max. antivibration:   4.12Kg