Vibration Cementing Plug

Product overview:

Vibration plug is a cementing plug integrating exciter and cementing plug which arouses casing string to form damping resonance response by vibration in the cementing process. By using self-excited vibration plug, dynamic vibration cementing (i.e. in the process of cement slurry displacing the drilling fluid, damping resonance response of the whole wellbore can be realized by the self-excited vibration plug moving in the entire interval) can be realized to ensure continuous vibration of cement in the process of waiting on cement, intensify relative motion between water and solid particles, decrease or eliminate gel strength of cement slurry. This can compensate hydrostatic pressure loss of cement in the solidification process, form higher radial stress in the first and second contact surfaces, prevent formation liquid from invading annulus and improve cementing strength of contact surface. This tool is directly installed in cementing cement head and operated by remote control device; due to no change of existing cementing equipment and process and simplicity of operation, it has been highly recognized by CNPC.

SS(Z)-139.7×45MPa、SS(Z)-139.7×70MPaProduct model: SS(Z)-139.7×45MPa and SS(Z)-139.7×70MPa

Two models of vibration plugs have been developed up to now, separately SS(Z)-139.7×45MPa and SS(Z)-139.7×70MPa, with pressure bearing of 45 MPa and 70 MPa. SS(Z)-139.7×70MPa is applicable to a well depth of 3000m.

Application effect:

It has been successfully applied in 17 wells since successful site test in 2010, including 16 adjustment wells in Turpan-Hami Oilfield Yanmuxi and Shenquan Blocks. The cementing pass rate reaches 100%. The vibration plug with a pressure bearing of 70 MPa has been subject to successful test for 2 wells separately in Turpan-Hami Oilfield Yuguo Block and Shenquan Block and obtained good application effect.

Self-excited vibration plug