Mud-pulse Measurement-while-drilling Bottom Hole Pressure Monitoring System (PWD)

Technology overview:

By using the PMD measurement-while-drilling bottom hole pressure monitoring system researched and developed independently, the bottom hole pressure and temperature parameters can be collected in a dynamic way during the drilling process, subject to real time transmission by means of hydraulic pulse, and restored to numerical values through the surface receiving system. It has obtained 6 patents up to now. This system provides powerful guarantee for realizing accuracy control of bottom hole pressure and safe drilling of narrow density window and also fills in the domestic gap of this technology.

Product model: PWD-I and PWD-II

Technological advantages:

Real time monitoring of Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD), and ability to provide reference and choice basis for optimization of the properties of drilling fluid and hydraulic parameters, accuracy control of project parameters and avoidance & reduction of downhole accidents;

Timely detection of leakage, overflow and borehole wall collapse;

Monitoring of rock cuttings deposit to avoid the problem of borehole cleaning;

Real time monitoring of bottom hole pressure and temperature data for diagnosing, revising and optimizing drilling parameters, avoiding drilling accidents, controlling risks and reducing uncertainties.

 Technical indicators:

Max. measuring pressure: 105MPa; accuracy: 0.05%

Max. working temperature: 150℃

Transmission rate: 1 bit/s

Application effect:

The test and application have been successively carried out for 7 wells in Xinjiang Oilfield from 2009 to 2011, with good application effect, which also provides accurate technical parameters for accuracy control of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) system.