XZ-AVDS Automatic Vertical Drilling System

Product overview:

XZ-AVDS automatic vertical drilling system independently researched and developed by CNPC Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited is mainly composed of power supply system, measurement control system and hydraulic actuator system. The system is a downhole closed-loop drilling tool integrating mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems, and used for drilling at intervals liable to inclination such as highly steep structures, high-dip formations and piedmont overthrust nappe formations, etc. By using this system, active deviation control can be realized, drilling pressure can be effectively released and drilling speed can be improved. Its technology has reached the international advanced level. So far, 10 national patents have been obtained and 3 proprietary technologies have been established.

Technological advantages:

Downhole automatic closed-loop control, vector control of restoring force, mud turbine power generation, electric energy non-contact transmission, special bearing support, modular design and non-spinning motive seal design.

Technical indicators:

At present, automatic vertical drilling system has serial products with two specifications and four dimensions available for different borehole dimensions.

Application effe

Field test and application have been successively carried out for 6 wells in Xinjiang Oilfield after successful research and development of the system. The accumulative footage is 3489.14m and the net drilling time is 1225.19h; the average penetration rate is 2~3 times higher than that of adjacent well and the well deviation is controlled within 0.5˚. By using the system of reasonable structural design, continuous control of well deviation while drilling can be realized and it has reached mature commercialized application condition in respect of adaptability, stability and well deviation control accuracy, etc., with broad application prospects.