Surface Testing Technology

Technology overview:

XDEC has developed a complete set of super-high pressure, high pressure and low pressure surface testing and metering technology. XDEC is a strategic partner of the West-East Gas Pipeline from Tarim, one of the national key projects. It developed China's first anti-H2S sand removal filter with a pressure resistance of 103.5MPa and gas processing capacity of 1.5 × 106 m3/day which was successfully applied; it also developed a H2S online detection instrument suitable for on-site construction of testing for oil with a pressure resistance of 70MPa and H2S concentration of 0-100000PPm; furthermore, XDEC obtained 6 patents in respect of high-pressure and large-displacement oil, gas and water desander filtration apparatus, high-pressure desander outfit, devices for measurement of the content of H2S in crude oil and natural gas in pipeline, and technological transformation of boiler circulating gas, etc.

Technological advantages:

The XDEC's surface testing technology is maturely applied, and its scientific research achievements and technical patents meet the requirements for testing of high temperature, high pressure, high yield, high H2S content and sandy gas wells. Meanwhile, the field data acquisition and remote transmission technology supporting the XDEC's development and application can make the field data available as soon as possible, and achieve the remote visual monitoring and management of the operation site, as well as the research of the H2S online detection technology, H2S processing technology for produced fluids on testing site and sand removal technology.

                                            Data acquisition process                Data dissemination system


                                                   Data transmission system

Technical indicators:

(1) Three imported separators (antisulphuric), NATCO, CAMERON and EXPRO, with a working pressure of 10 MPa and a working temperature of -20-100℃. Gas treatment capacity reaches 169×104 m3/d and 300×104 m3/d and liquid treatment capacity reaches 1500m3/d.

(2) Oil and gas-fired boiler and steam heat exchanger.

(3) 140MPa, 105MPa, 70MPa and 35 MPa surface process control device.

(4) Emergency Shut Down (ESD), SSV valve (10K and 15K), MSRV valve (5K) and control system

(5) Surface process manifold system: 3"2202 metallic sealed manifold (20K), choke manifold (20K), 1502 metallic sealed manifold (20K) and chemical injection pump (25K).

(6) Data monitoring system, pressure and temperature acquisition system and sand monitoring instrument system.

(7) Data acquisition system and H2S on-line monitoring system .

(8) Desander system (10K and 15K, antisulphuric).

Operating capability:

(1) Surface metering of 3-phase fluids with high temperature, high pressure and high production at a wellhead pressure of 140 MPa;

(2) Surface metering of 3-phase fluids at a maximum hydrogen sulfide concentration of 200000PPm and auxiliary protective equipment.

Technology applications:

Accumulative surface testing operations have been carried out for more than 3000 wells (involved in construction of more than 200 company-level major projects of CNPC), with a maximum oil yield per day of 367m3, a water yield per day of 1024m3 and a gas yield per day of 541×104m3, a maximum hydrogen sulfide concentration of 10000PPm and a maximum wellhead pressure of 92.97MPa. It is also provided with complete and advanced design software and more than 3000 surface process designs are completed.